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Russian Robinson Club

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[ 15.10.2018 ] “Russian Robinson Club – 20” Award (RRC-20)

RRC is proud to announce the special award "Russian Robinson Club – 20” (RRC-20). dedicated to 20th anniversary of Russian Robinson Club foundation.

In order to get this award you have to claim 20 and more points for QSOs with special stations during 2013 and old branded RRC expeditions. QSO(s) with R20RRC (from different locations) is mandatory and gives you 3 points for every QSO.

Every special call from other countries activated by RRC members like - xx20RRC and any RRC branded expeditions’ calls (ie.: T46RRC, T47RRC, KL7RRC, DL0RRC and so on) gives you 2 points.

Any QSO with RRC member gives you 1 point.

Dupes are acceptable on different bands.

Award Application form for "RRC-20” is based on your log data, QSLs are no needed and has to be sent to RRC-20 Award Manager by email rz3ec@yandex.ru or the printout by post: Eugene N. Shelkanovtsev, P.O. Box 70, Orel 302028, RUSSIA

The Award is available in 3 different formats:

  • Electronic format (JPG or PDF) – free of charge
  • Paper (delivery is included into cost) – 7 $/5 Euro (WW)
  • Wall mounted plaque (size 20x25 sm, delivery is included into cost) – 50$/40 Euro (WW)

List of RRC members is available on www.robinsons.ru  

The 3 TOP "points hunters” will be awarded by trophies.
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