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Главная » 2016 » Декабрь » 24 » Merry Christmas & Happy New 2017 Year from RRC-HQ!
[ 17.11.2018 ] Merry Christmas & Happy New 2017 Year from RRC-HQ!

Dear Colleagues, Friends and RRC members!

On behalf of Council of "Russian Robinson Club" I congratulate you with Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year 2017!

The 2016th comes to the end: this year was busy with many radio amateur events.

RRC held a meeting of "the Russian Robinsons" in Orel on which various questions of activity Russian Robinson Club were discussed, elections of Council of RRC took place - in structure Alexander Kuznetsov RW3RN and Yuri Sushkin N3QQ are in addition chosen, rewarding of winners in various nominations RRC for 2015 and 2016 is held — the new principle of rewarding "same year" is realized.

In 2016 the new TOP award of our club - "RRC Hall of Fame" is established. The First Vice-President of RRC Sergey Morozov RA3NAN became its first nominee.

We are sincerely congratulating Sergey Vladimirovich Morozov on this award and inclusion in "The Hall of Fame" of RRC!

The premiere of the new professionally produced movie "On the edge of the Earth, invisible connection” went over with a success. Story is about Expedition to Ratmanova (Big Diomede) Island – RI0K 2012.

Many participants enjoyed presentations of videos and slides about RRC expeditions which took place in 2015-2016: R3RRC/0, R7AL/0, RT9K/0, RA1ALA/1, RT92KA, UE23RRC/R23RRC, HC2GRC/p, R70ASIA, RI0FS, KL7RRC/p...

Here references to stories and video about some of them:

R70ASIA - http://www.qrz.ru/articles/article_r70asia_iota_as_070_expedition_391  UE23RRC/R23RRC - http://www.as142.org/rasskaz 

Details of the Meeting of RRC "Orel-2016": http://robinsons.ru/news/slet_kluba_russkij_robinzon_v_orle_2016/2016-10-20-395

In the expiring year there were also other noticeable events in life of our Club and our colleagues. So, together with the Russian Amateur Radio Union (SRR - Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii) and Russian Contest Club RRC took active part in the traditional radio amateur conference "Domodedovo — 2016" on which the best movies and expeditions of RRC were presented as co-organizers of Russian Robinson Club.

Our friends from the Expedition Center "Arctic" of the Russian Geographical Society conducted the Arctic cross-country expedition "The Great Northern Route – 2016" under the leadership of the Honorable polar explorer of Russia Vladimir Chukov (RRC#315). During the expedition 10 rare Russian islands were activated by signals R3CA/9/0, and upon termination of an expedition to RRC new members – RA9J and UA0KAV were accepted. For me personally it was the 88th expedition - "The Kiss of the Arctic" - journalists wrote about some interesting moments and recently article from the “Unknown Siberia” magazine is published and on the Internet - http://www.qrz.ru/articles/article_artctic_kiss_351 . Read with pleasure! 

In this regard it should be noted revival of interest in our Russian islands in the Arctic and in the Far East.

In new 2017 we expect many interesting activities.

Igor Znamensky, UA9KDF and team is working on the project of a polar expedition RT9K/9 - "Legends of the Arctic" on snowmobiles to the rare islands of the Kara Sea –(IOTA AS-054, 068, 104, 121) expedition which starts in February -  http://www.qrz.com/db/RT9K/9 .

Victor Slabodchikov UA3AKO has reported that in April R71RRC expedition on the remote island Arakamchechen (AS-071) on Chukotka prepares. More detailed information will be later.

Team of “Russians Robinsons” - R7AL, RA1ZZ, RK8A and RW5D announced the project of a summer expedition RI0C to the rarest Russian island - Iony (IOTA AS-069) in the Sea of Okhotsk – http://www.iony2017.com . The island which was first activated EK0AC in 1990 and was “radio silent” for more than a quarter of the century! I know how difficult to access Iony island from my own experience: recent article "My Island of St. Iony" - http://www.qrz.ru/articles/article658.html

Oleg Neruchev, ZS1OIN reported that from the end of December, 2016 and till March, 2017 he will be active as RI1ANA from the Russian Antarctic station "Molodezhnaya".

RRC is again in Antarctica!

Also other expeditions of the "Russian Robinsons" to rare worldwide islands and polar stations are expected – check for news at the Club website www.robinsons.ru and at the forum rrc-iota@yahoogroups.com , and also breaking news at www.dx-world.net .

On behalf of RRC I want to thank all who provided financial support to our Club and supported numerous expeditions! I would like to mention our Corporate Sponsors: companies SINTEC (RA3NAN), R-QUAD (R3FA) and Yang-Inform (UA9KDF)!

I would like to welcome our newest partner, Expert Electronics, from Taganrog, Russia, designer and manufacturer of the most advanced SDR amateur and commercial equipment! The company works now on the special expeditionary version of the MB-1 transceiver which will be provided for testing in the conditions of island expeditions of RRC - http://www.eesdr.com/en/products-en/transceivers-en/mb1-en . Thanks we will also cooperate!

Welcome to the Club to our newest members — among them VK5MAV, R2DG, HB9AAA, W1OW, IT9HLR, RK8A, UA6EX, RA9OEL and many others!

Taking an opportunity I invite all radio amateurs who share our purpose and vision, to join Russian Robinson Club – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXMAKLPJcio .

I wish you happiness in your family, Siberian health, prosperity!

Happy Holidays!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of RRC

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