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[ 20.11.2018 ] Merry Christmas & Happy New 2014 Year from RRC!
Dear colleagues, dear friends and clubmates!

On behalf of Council of club of ham radio travelers "Russian Robinson" I congratulate you with Christmas and New Year 2014!

The year 2013 is almost over: this year was not usual – the club celebrated the 20 anniversary of the foundation. In anniversary year the geography "robinsons" expeditions extended and covers any more only Russian, but also islands of Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Special big activity on air celebrated RRC anniversary – the main call sign of R20RRC sounded not only from RRC-HQ in Eagle city, but also from various Russian islands fractional call signs of R20RRC/1 … 0. "Robinsons" were supported by clubmen worldwide – at once from several countries anniversary call signs with RRC suffixes sounded in the air. T48/47/46RRC radio expedition went over with great success on the rare islands of Cuba, devoted to the 20 anniversary of club. Expeditions across Alaska KL7RRC/p – this time on the island of Kodiak, in the heart of the former Russian America proceeded. It is pleasant to note that some American clubmen in expedition on East Kiribati islands in Oceania didn't refuse the new truncated call sign of T32RC even when a recognizable abbreviation of RRC in local administration of communication truncated to RC. Our Robinson Club – a recognizable name irrespective of the country! The finishing action devoted to the 20 anniversary of Russian Robinson Club, now takes place at the Russian station Bellingshausen in Antarctica – RI20ANT and will last till December 31, 2013. To the 20 anniversary the anniversary diploma "Russian Robinson Club – 20" which is given for radio communications with anniversary and forwarding radio stations, and also with clubmen of RRC during 2013 is founded. Anniversary diplomas of RRC-20 it is given already out about 400 and order taking proceeds.

This year RRC was among organizers of a radio amateur festival of "Domodedovo-2013" which took place under the flag of celebration of the 20 anniversary of our club. At a festival took place: RRC/IOTA Forum, display of video movies and a slide-show about last most interesting expeditions of clubmen, RRC-20 video presentation, rewarding of winners in various nominations RRC for 2012 and the clubmen who have made a noticeable contribution to activity of RRC to the 20 anniversary, a traditional football match of teams RRC/World ("Russian Robinsons" won a victory!), the competition QUIZ "20 years of RRC", RRC-20 BBQ Party with songs at a fire, festive salute in honor of the 20 anniversary of club. Our club congratulated: President of the All-Russian public radiosport and radioamateur organization "Soyuz Radiolyubiteley Rossii” (SRR) Dmitry Voronin RA5DU, guests of honor of a festival and general radio amateur public. Such radio amateur recognition – is result of activity not only in anniversary year, but also for previous years too.

To anniversary some projects on representation of club materials and attributes were realized at once: The vice-president of RRC George Chlijanc of UY5XE realized the project on release of club badges, the collection of articles and photos "Robinsons on the air" (originators of UY5XE and RZ3EC) which included over 100 articles with illustrations about expeditions of clubmen, and also a large number сканов forwarding QSLs is prepared and published on CD. To the 20 anniversary of club the project on production of flags of RRC is realized – the first party from 20 flags already dispersed. Books "We are RRC!", firm DVD with movies about the most interesting expeditions, the souvenir circles RRC-20 and many other things to anniversary.

In the expiring year there were also other noticeable events in life of our club. So, the Russian Flora and Fauna Award (RFFA) program celebrated the 10-year anniversary which was celebrated by work of UE10RFF and establishment of the anniversary diploma of RFFA-10. Work on other club projects is continued in an operating mode.

New 2014 in which the IOTA program celebrates the 50-year anniversary come nearer. Good New Year's gift to all radio amateurs and first of all to members of RRC began to lay out the decision of Council of RRC in a free access the video movie "T4*RRC. Traces of the Commandant" in addition to the movies as which producer he acted, about last radio expeditions of S79RRC, TF4RRC, KL7DX&KL7RRC, XV7-3RRC in Russian-and English-speaking options – www.youtube.com/user/sergeyra3nan - watch with pleasure!

One more gift, perhaps, the most interesting, is the video presentation "Russian Robinsons Club on border of centuries and poles" to the 20 anniversary of RRC – http://youtu.be/Ovfn1njMyaY . In fact it is the club card!

Carrying out the International IOTA conference dated for the 50 anniversary of the program is planned for July 4-6, 2014 in Great Britain. In work of conference participation Russian Robinson Club delegation is planned. Council of RRC on behalf of all clubs will congratulate our colleagues and will present RRC-20 video presentation in English. In the light of IOTA program anniversary, I hope, it will be a good contribution of RRC to the international "island" movement. In new 2014 we are expected by many interesting actions – watch news on a club site www.robinsons.ru

The New Year's holiday is especially expensive to everyone, this beginning of new counting and in radio amateur achievements, is plans for future expeditions and new projects, to realize which we can do everything together. Authority and RRC reputation are our common cause. Let's wish each other and to all our family of health, a consent, prosperity, light Christmas and the happy New Year's days warmed by heat of companionship.

With Christmas and happy New Year, friends! Hurrah!

73! Yuri Zaruba of UA9OBA, President of RRC
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