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Главная » 2012 » Декабрь » 25 » Merry Christmas & Happy New 2013 Year from RRC!
[ 19.11.2018 ] Merry Christmas & Happy New 2013 Year from RRC!
Dear colleagues, dear friends and clubmates!

On behalf of Council of club of ham radio travelers "Russian Robinson" I congratulate you on Christmas and New 2013!

The 2012th year disappears and to us is what to remember and sum up. This year "Russians Robinsons" continued radio expeditions across Russia and abroad. Among them the next expedition to Alaska KL7RRC, crowned "radio opening" of the last NEW ONE NA-240 is there was, perhaps, one of the most
extreme expeditions of the year, carried out in winter time - www.na-234.com The geography of "robinsons" expeditions extends and covers already islands of the Pacific Ocean: on air new "club" call signs of KH6RRC & KH8RRC began to sound. Especially it should be noted revival of interest to our Russian islands: so, in the summer of 2012 patriotic radio expedition of RI0K "Chukotka-2012" to Ratmanova (Big Diomede) Island, which been no on the air to this event took place more than 20 years!
Serious results allow considering RI0K of one of the most significant IOTA expeditions in the world - www.ri0k.ru  Thus simultaneous work on air from the American lake was very symbolical Island Little Diomede - KL7RRC/p - as part of the general RRC project in the Bering Strait. We and intend to continue to activate further rare islands, both on Chukotka and on Alaska.

In the expiring year there were also other noticeable events in life of our club. So, the beacons RLHA program celebrated the 10-year anniversary which was celebrated by R10RLHA work from beacons in different regions of Russia. Work on other club projects proceeds in an operating mode. This year RRC was a part of co-organizers of the International radio amateur festival of the "Domodedovo-2012" dated for the 20 anniversary of the Union of radio amateurs of Russia - www.domodedovo2012.ru The
considerable part of the program was filled with display of "robinsons" movies and a slideshow on the carried-out expeditions, and in musical competition the first place was taken by the song about expedition to Big Diomede Island performed by the Tambov delegation. Russian Robinson Club together with Russian Contest Club and the general radio amateur's public congratulated SRR on anniversary. It is pleasant to note that rewarding in the nominations and acceptance in members of RRC passed in presence of a
large number of radio amateurs. At a meeting there was a place both to official actions and companionship "robinsons" - are summed up for last period and new projects are planned for the forthcoming year.

New 2013 in which RRC celebrates the 20-year anniversary come nearer.
Council of club already planned a number of anniversary actions: among them work on air an anniversary call sign of R20RRC, radio relay on the Russian islands of RI20RRC/1 : 0 and many other things. Good gift to all radio amateurs began to lay out the decision of First Vice-president of RRC of Sergey Morozov RA3NAN in a free access the movies as which producer he acted, about last radio expeditions of S79RRC, TF4RRC, KL7DX & KL7RRC, XV7-3RRC in the Russian-and English-speaking options - www.youtube.com/user/sergeyra3nan - look and enjoy!
To anniversary the Vice-president of RRC George Chlijantc UY5XE with support of RA3NAN realized the project on release of club badges, including number. Clubmen can address to UY5XE and to the Vice-president of RRC Eugene Shelkanovtcev RZ3EC for acquisition of firm badges which will decorate a jacket lapel in anniversary year. The collection is prepared for anniversary on a compact disk "Robinsons on the air" (under UY5XE edition) which included over 100 articles with illustrations about expeditions of clubmen, and also a large number of images of expedition QSLs. Now work on a disk proceeds - wishing
to add the collection with the stories and photos can address to RZ3EC. To  the 20 anniversary of club the project on production of flags of RRC is realized. The first order from 20 flags is already created, wishing to become owners of firm flags can address to the Secretary of RRC Elena Boychenko RC5A. In 2013 year will pass also other anniversary actions - you watch news on a club site www.robinsons.ru .

Carrying out the International RRC conference dated for the 20 anniversary of club which will take place in the RRC+IOTA format in St. Petersburg on the bank of the Gulf of Finland is planned for September 6-8, 2013. The program and registration will be declared later (on readiness of a special site) for now it is possible to examine placement conditions in hotel complex of "Holguin" - www.hotel-olgino.ru We inform in advance on club plans members of RRC and participants of the IOTA program could plan the participation in conference. In the light of 50-year anniversary of the IOTA program, I hope, it will be a good contribution of RRC to the international "island" movement.

The New Year's holiday is especially expensive to everyone, this beginning of new counting and in radio amateur achievements, is plans for future expeditions and new projects, to realize which we can do everything together, authority and RRC reputation - our common cause.  Let's wish each other and to all our family of health, a consent, prosperity, light Christmas and the happy New Year's days warmed by heat of companionship .

To new meetings in New 2013 Year! With Christmas and happy New Year,  friends!  Hurrah!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA,
President of RRC
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