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[ 19.11.2018 ] Merry Christmas & Happy New 2011 Year RRC!
Dear colleagues, friends and club mates!

On behalf of Russian Robinson Club Council I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2010 is now becoming a history and there are lots of events to remember.
It's time to draw the line and set new RRC challenges for the upcoming 2011 year.

This year the "Russian Robinsons" continued their radio expeditions all over Russia and abroad. The most memorable of them are further expeditions to Alaska (KL7RRC) and recent successfully finished expedition to Marshall islands (V73RRC).

During the expeditions the most challenging plans come true, NEW ONE radio "discoveries" are done, rare islands are activated. Lots of projects are still under development, several stories and articles are published. This year we published the book "We are RRC!" edited by RRC Vice-President G.Chliyants  (UY5XE) which is distributed free of charge to the members of RRC.

We also produced a film "The islands of the five-pointed sun" about the expedition to Vietnam islands in 2009 (XV7-3RRC), first run of which took place at the Orel Conference. The English version of the film will be presented at the IOTA Convention in the UK in autumn 2011.

The traditional RRC conference took place this year in October in Orel. It was a good opportunity to summarize the results of the year and define new projects for the next year, one of which is the foundation of the RRC Fund which is supposed to be the essential support for the activity of our club.
By foundation of this Fund we intend to keep up the stability and encourage further development of RRC Club.

Unfortunately not all our plans were carried out this year. We didn't manage to re-brand our club and we gave up an idea of re-design the diploma, although we hope to come back to this at the next RRC Conference.

The international co-operation with the followers of RFFA club program is still under discussion, there is a lack of RIIA activity and some other issues need to be settled. But we are very optimistic about the fact that next year the changes in the club activity will be more visible and remarkable. We are eager to make changes in the base RRA program to enlarge the list of the references and increase Robinson's activity on the Russian islands. Also some extra measures need to be taken to support other club programs. Club managers will discuss the opportunity of organizing different contests and activity days.

So, new 2011 year is approaching. New year is the most expected and favorite holiday, it's a start of new plans and projects which we can implement all together. We need your support to keep up the prestige and image of our club. Please share with us your opinion and thoughts. I kindly ask all the
Club members to complete the questionnaire on the Club's webpage http://robinsons.ru/index/0-134  until end of January 2011. It will help to update the database and to improve the communication between the members of the Club. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families.
See you next year!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA,
RRC President
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