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Главная » 2013 » Сентябрь » 1 » Invitation to RRC/IOTA Convention in Festival “Domodedovo-2013”
[ 20.11.2018 ] Invitation to RRC/IOTA Convention in Festival “Domodedovo-2013”
Dear colleagues!

Russian Robinson Club celebrates the 20 anniversary of the creation in 2013 and among various anniversary actions holds RRC-IOTA Convention within a radio amateur Festival of "Domodedovo-2013" in the suburb of Moscow on September 19-22. The festival will take place in "Moskvich” Rest house of the Domodedovo city district of the Moscow region. Recently registration of wishing participants on a site www.hamradio.ru/domodedovo/ is already open

Council of club invites foreign members of RRC and radio amateurs who interested the IOTA program to participate in a radio amateur Festival of "Domodedovo-2013" in Russia. Time still had a little more than a month to make the decision and to manage to issue the Russian visa. That for whom visa support is necessary can use the help of the visa center in "Atlas Part Hotel" (in it there lived foreign participants of WRTC-2010) - http://www.atlas-hotel.ru/about/visas . Thus it isn't obligatory to take place in their hotel, when filling the demand it is simple to specify the actual place of stay – Domodedovo, "Moskvich” Rest house, where the radio amateur festival will be held. This procedure is necessary for obtaining the tourist voucher for visa registration in embassy or consulate of Russia. Any questions on visa support can be coordinated on an E-mail support@ivisa.ru .

The first day of arrival – Thursday September 19. Main days of a festival on September 20-21: 20 - Friday (in the afternoon after RRC/IOTA dinner the Forum, and is planned by RRC-20 BBQ Party) and 21 – Saturday (video presentations, reports, a festive banquet with a lottery and other actions for the program in the evening). On Sunday September 22 participants leave after a breakfast, but wishing can remain for so many days, how many for you it is necessary in the tourist purposes. We can organize for you and other wishing guests an excursion trip across Moscow with visit of Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin. To Moscow it is better to plan an arrival in the airport of Domodedovo (DME) because it is located near hotel (about 30 minutes by taxi).
Radio amateurs, participants of IOTA and DXCC expeditions, wishing to give the report and video films (or slide-show) are welcomed – you can address with offers in organizing committee of festival - hamfest2013@srr.ru or to me directly on an E-mail yufirst@ngs.ru (Yuri UA9OBA).
We invite to participate in a Festival and to be registered on a site in the section "registration" – http://www.hamradio.ru/domodedovo/reg.asp . Thus foreign radio amateurs we ask to report in organizing committee about your desire to participate in a festival for the solution of questions of payment for placement and participation in a banquet as soon as you decide on planned dates of stay at a festival.
73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA
President of RRC
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