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[ 17.11.2018 ] Congratulation with New 2018 and Christmas from RRC-HQ!

Dear colleagues and friends!

On behalf of Council of "Russian Robinson Club" I congratulate you with New Year and Christmas!

The 2017th comes to the end: this year has been busy with many radio amateur events.

RRC as the co-organizer has participated in the International radio amateur “InterHAM-2017” Festival, which took place in Voronezh and has been devoted to the 20 anniversary of our colleagues – Russian Contest Club (RCC). We have congratulated RCC on anniversary with delivery of a memorable plaquette from our club.

Within the festival rewarding winners in various RRC nominations for the 2016-2017th has been held.

At a festival reports and movies about the best "robinsons" expeditions have been submitted. Among them: "Iony – the island a legend, the island a dream!" about RI0C expedition on the most rare russian island Iony in the Sea of Okhotsk (the film, etc. materials see –https://dxpedition.wixsite.com/ri0c ), R71RRC – the island Arakamchechen in Chukotka (the film and article see on the website – http://www.r71rrc.ru/ ), the Kolyma series RI0LI expedition on the island Leontyeva in the Bear archipelago in the East Siberian Sea (the film and article see onhttp://www.ri0li.com/ ) has continued, RA1ALA/1 – an expedition on the island the Big Cue in the Barents Sea, RJ75OS – an expedition on the island Chilly in Lake Ladoga and others.

The big report was given by Igor Znamensky UA9KDF on an over-snow polar expedition of RT9K/9 – "Legends of the Arctic", last spring. Participants from Yamal have passed Taimyr and have reached Dickson Island, but have been forced to stop further advance because of the most difficult ice situation in the Kara Sea – http://www.qrz.com/db/RT9K/9 . Members of the team plan to continue visit rare islands in New Year.

In September-October of 2017 the team has conducted an expedition of RI1F and activated Victoria Island – the last Russian IOTA NEW ONE – EU-190! We congratulate! For more details – https://www.qrz.com/db/RI1F , review diaries of an expedition on the websites –http://yanaorgo.ru/s/07_17/index.html and http://legendsarctic.com/ . Work on results of an expedition is continued.

Oleg Neruchev ZS1OIN in the spring of 2017 as a part of the 62nd Russian Antarctic Expedition after reactivating of the “Molodezhnaya” Antarctic station, start of life support systems and a radio communication was active with call sign RI1ANA. Oleg managed to operate from the “Progress” station – signal RI1ANN sounded from there. Radio voices of members of RRC are well heard from Antarctica again!

RRC/IOTA/DX expeditions proceed and expand the geography!

Big award of club - "RRC Hall of Fame" – was awarded to the Vice-president of RRC George Chliyants UY5XE. The First Vice-president of RRC Sergey Morozov RA3NAN (the first receptionist of such award), the Vice-president of RRC Eugene Shelkanovtsev RZ3EC and the President of RRC Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA under a storm of applause of all being present colleagues solemnly have presented and on the radio bridge have congratulated George for this award and inclusion in "the Hall of Glory" of RRC! Sincerely we congratulate UY5XE!

The vice-president of RRC Andy Novikov RZ3EM solemnly, with the parting words and wishes turned into the future of the younger generation, has handed the member certificate plaquette to the youngest clubman – to Albert Sagitov UB9WLJ. Albert has participated in R24RRC expedition to Shantarskie Islands. The youth is interested in radio expeditions – welcome to Russian Robinson club!

The special award for radio communications with 1000 islands according to the IOTA program has marked out Eugene Shelkanovtsev RZ3EC. Serious achievement – we congratulate!

Now is appropriate to tell that cooperation of RRC with IOTA successfully continues. After finding of the new status and creation last year IOTA ltd. the new website https://www.iota-world.org/ has been started, the international management designed to develop the program at the international level is created. The Board of directors of IOTA has determined by one of the important purposes development of electronic opportunities of the program. The Vice-president of RRC Andy Novikov RZ3EM takes active part in line-up of the team of IT developers. We wish to our friends from world IOTA community of further successful development and prosperity.

This year relations with the Russian Geographical Society were strengthened – at once several radio expeditions took place under flags of RGO and RRC. In this regard it is symbolical that the head of radio providing RGO Edward Prudky RA3III has joined the ranks of RRC – the member certificate and a company club badge have been solemnly handed on "InterHAM-2017". Eduard has carried out several activities / MM and a radio expedition at the remote polar station "Marresalya" on Yamal – R3CG/8. Should be noted that interest in radio amateur communication of the Russian travelers, yachtsmen, polar explorers has increased. We hope for effective cooperation with RGO and for further joint projects.

In 2018 the Russian Robinson Club will celebrate the 25 anniversary of the creation. Council of club has developed the program of anniversary actions – among them: work on air of anniversary radio station R25RRC and other call signs with RRC abbreviation from different corners of Russia (according to the club RRC programs) and the countries of the world, establishment of the anniversary diploma and a plaquette "Russian Robinson Club – 25", holding a month of activity in JULY – we invite to participation of all clubmen (the provision is drafted and it will be published on the website). Development of new design of awards on the nominations and attributes to the 25 anniversary of RRC is conducted. New RRA Directory, the degree RRA programs is complete and RABA are complemented with awards of the class "EXCELLENT".

The new degree program "Russian Arctic" announced in Day of the polar explorer on May 21 (consisting of a series of honorary rewards, the Trophy and annual rating will begin to be implemented in 2018. In the fall (September 20-23, 2018 in St. Petersburg or Oryol city - we work on these options now) anniversary RRC conference is planned at which we will sum up the results and we will plan the direction and development for the future. Quarter of the century – serious date in life of our club!

As always in anniversary year carrying out expeditions of "Russian Robinsons" to rare russian and foreign islands and polar stations is expected – you watch news on the club website www.robinsons.ru and at the forum rrc-iota@yahoogroups.com and also on www.dx-world.net.

On behalf of RRC I want to thank all who give financial support to club and expeditions. It and our constant kind friends — the companies SINTEC (RA3NAN), R-QUAD (R3FA), Young Inform (UA9KDF) and new partners – the Russian company Expert Electronics ( https://eesdr.com/ru/ ) which provided the latest SDR MB-1 transceiver for testing in difficult conditions of the Arctic – https://www.nsiradio.com/MB1-HF-6m-and-2m-SDR-transceiver-100W-with-ATU-p78949475 .

I will separately mark out colleagues from DX Trophy Awards Group (UA6GG) helping club with design of new attributes, diplomas including anniversary "RRC – 25". We plan to realize several joint projects in New Year. I express gratitude also to all radio fans rendering the individual help to the expeditions which are taking place under the flag of RRC and supporting other our "robinsons" projects. Thanks, friends!

Interest in club steadily grows, and our ranks continue to be joined by new members — in 2017: RA3III, UB9WLJ, UA1QV, UA9LDD, UA9LDD/N, UA9LDW, UA9KAM, R1BDW, RZ9O, RU4I, R0LS, RW0LZ, RV6CU, R4CR and R3CG. Taking an opportunity I invite the wishing radio fans who divide our purposes and dreams, in ranks of Russian Robinson Club.

By a New Year's holiday team of an expedition of RI1F – "Legends of the Arctic. Victoria Island" gives you the calendar for 2018 – https://yadi.sk/i/zBq98oJz3PykGH . Download, print, place in your radio shack – reminder:

2018 – Year of new expeditions!

2018 – Year of the new RRC projects!

2018 – Year of 25-year anniversary of Russian Robinson Club!

Happy New Year and Christmas! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

73! Yuri Zaruba of UA9OBA, President of RRC

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