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[ 20.01.2022 ] Congratulation on the New Year 2022 and Christmas from RRC-HQ!

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

On behalf of the Council of the Russian Robinson Club I congratulate you on New Year 2022 and Christmas!

The Year 2021 ends and goes down in history: this year was not simple, not all plans took place due to the ongoing world pandemic, but still we have something to remember in the amateur radio plan. The most striking event is the “RRC Extreme Fest 2021”, held in September in Orel, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.

In honor of this anniversary, the international amateur radio community held festive events, special call signs from different countries, including from Russia, sounded on the air. Since October and until the end of December 2021 the Russian Robinson club organized work of 12 anniversary radio stations: R60ANT (QTH – the headquarters of RRC in Orеl city) and others – RA60ANT, RB60ANT, RC60ANT, RG60ANT, RJ60AN, RK60ANT, RL60ANT, RN60ANT, RT60ANT, RU60ANT, RZ60ANT.

Award "60th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty" have been established; more information – https://hamlog.online/club/rrc/209/rules/ . It is good club initiative, logically continuing the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, which was celebrated the previous year.

Traditionally, annual results have been summed up in various RRC nominations for 2020-2021 – among island radio expeditions in Russia and in the World, in the European and Asian parts of the Russian Federation, "Robinson of the Year"… 

"Robinson of the 2021Year" – Vasily Sukhanov RA1ZZ, who visited expeditions on 6 various islands of the Barents, White and Baltic Seas with a total result about 9000 QSO. Among women, the honorary title "YL-Robinson" was shared by Elena Boychenko RC5A and Tatyana Ostankova RL1I. 

The best Russian radio expedition under the program "Islands on the Air" (IOTA) was recognized RI0Q to the Begichev island in the Laptev Sea under the leadership of  RRC-HQ member and the head of the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society in Yamalo-Nenets region – Igor Znamensky UA9KDF. The expedition managed in March-April (in Taimyr and Yakutia, winter: air temperature - minus 37 * C and below) to reach the island and establish over 7,000 QSO’s. Modern radio equipment, good camp equipment and the skill of the team of radio operators-polar explorers became the key to success. This expedition, which is already the 5th of the cycle "Arctic Legends», was also recognized as the most Extreme. In addition, Begichev Island is not only one of the rare IOTA in the Russian Arctic, but also under RRA club program. Congratulations to the "polar Robinsons" with triple success! As it was – watch a film about the expedition – a link to the film – https://youtu.be/r9JjJqKLC58 (English version). 

Among international IOTA expeditions, the best was KL7RRC – to the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. A team of American "Russian Robinsons" led by RRC-HQ member – Yuri Sushkin N3QQ landed on Adak in the Andreanof Islands of the Aleutian archipelago and was able to establish over 10,000 QSO’s. The team plans to achieve the main goal of the project in the New Year – Kyska island (NA-070). We wish our friends success.

In the past year, there were many other interesting expeditions – to uninhabited islands and to distant countries, to tourist and inaccessible places on our planet. Among the winners of RRC nominations and competitions – UA1ATD, RA1ALA, RI0Q, RI0FF, RZ3K, RA3RGQ, RG5G, RC5A, RK7A and others. 

On behalf of RRC-HQ, I would like to thank all those who are sponsoring the RRC club and expeditions. Your support is very important! Thank you, friends!

Interest in activity of club grows, and ranks of RRC continue to be joined by new members in 2021 – F8ATM, F8AMV, N1RR, MI0GTA, RL1I, DK3DUA, LB1QI, RN3BL, R1BET, N6XG, W8HC and N7QT. Welcome to the Russian Robinson Club!

For the New Year holiday, RRC-HQ presents to all amateur radio operators the branded RRC calendar for 2022 (TNX RW3DD!) 

Download, print, place in your radio stations – let it remind you that:
• 2022 – the year of new expeditions!
• 2022 – year of new RRC projects!
• 2022 – the year of new discoveries on the air!

Happy New Year and Christmas! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of Russian Robinson Club 

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