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[ 18.01.2020 ] Congratulation on the New Year 2020 and Christmas from RRC-HQ!

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

On behalf of the Council of the Russian Robinson Club I congratulate you on New 2020 and Christmas!

The 2019th concludes and goes into history: this year was filled with many radio-friendly events - including the International Radio Amateurs Festival "InterHAM -2019" in Voronezh, in which Russian Robinson Club took part together with our colleagues from the Russian Contest Club (RCC) as a co-organizer. Within the framework of the festival the winners were awarded in various RRC nominations for 2018-2019. 

Among them: R205NEW+R26RRC – the Best IOTA expedition in Russia (team: R7AL, RK8A, UB9WJL, UA3EDQ), which opened 2 IOTA NEW ONE - the islands on Kamchatka and the Northern Kuril’s; EP6RRC – the Best IOTA expedition in the world (team: R7AL, RZ3K, RW5D, RA1ZZ, UA3EDQ, EP2LMA, RK8A, UA1ZZ, EP2AK) - island Shif, Iran - IOTA NEW ONE; RI0B – the Most extreme expedition (team: R3CN, UA9KDF, UA9LDD, UA1QV, UA0BA, RW0BG, RT9K) on the “Apostle Andrew” yacht on 4 rare islands of the Kara Sea. 
Robinson of the Year - Vladimir Angeli RK8A. Special awards held for the first time: Robinson of the Year (80+) - Avinir Sukhanov UA1ZZ and Young Robinson of the Year - Albert Sagitov UB9WLJ. A special award - For popularization of RRC expeditions in the world - was awarded Sergey Yanovsky RZ3FW. Congratulations!

In 2019 under the flag of RRC number of expeditions was conducted: XR0ZRC (Robinson Crusoe island!), XR1RRC, R26RRC, R205NEW, R63RRC, KL7RRC/P, YJ0RRC, YJ0FWA, 5H3RRC, 5H3CA, OY/RC5A, R3CG/8, R0LS/P, RA1ALA/8, UA1ATD/P, RK3SWB/1, RI0BC, RI1OB, RI1OM, RX3AMI/1, S79AM, S79ANR, K7Y, K7TRI (Tillamook Rock Island) and others. RRC/IOTA/DX expeditions continue and expand their geography!

The international IOTA community in 2019 celebrated the 55th anniversary of the island program and the delegation of our club headed by the First Vice President of RRC – Sergey Morozov RA3NAN represented Russian Robinson Club at the RSGB IOTA Convention in the UK. 
UA9KDF and UA9LDD showed a video clip about the RI1F expedition to Victoria Island (FJL) and the English-language version of the film RI0B - on the islands of the Kara Sea. It is gratifying to note that our colleague, head of radio expeditions from the cycle "Arctic Legends" Igor Znamensky UA9KDF was awarded the "Premier IOTA Award". Sincerely congratulate!

Here it is appropriate to say that the cooperation between RRC and IOTA continues successfully. This year, a new Russian island group AS-207 in Chukotka was added to the IOTA list under the RRC application. It is expected that in spring of 2020 this last IOTA NEW ONE in Russia will be activated by the R207RRC expedition under the leadership of Victor Slabodchikov UA3AKO

We wish our friends from the international IOTA community further development and prosperity in the New Year.

Cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society continues to be strengthened - several expeditions took place under the flags of the RGO and RRC. For example, RT9K & RI0B from cycle “Arctic Legends”. The expedition is expected to continue next March, RI0B to Rastorgueva Island in northern Taimyr.

Head of the Radio Support Service of the RGO – Edward Prudky RA3III, who carried out R3CG/8 project at the hard-to-reach polar station "Marresalya", is working on the organization and conduct of a comprehensive radio expedition to the Novosibirskiye Islands in the summer period of 2020. The project will be interesting both from a research and practical point of view and will activate some rare islands in the Russian Arctic, which have not sounded on the air for several decades.

In 2020, the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian seafarers will be celebrated. 
The club council prepared a program for this event consisting of an award, plaque and Trophy. Within 3 months, from January 1 to March 31, 2020, special call sign R200ANT will on the air. Watch, work, participate and receive RRC commemorative awards.

Annual expeditions "Russian Robinsons" to Alaska, formerly Russian America, continue. The call sign KL7RRC became one of the recognizable brands of our club in the world. In the summer of 2020, it is planned to activate several rare islands in the Aleutian archipelago. 
To support international amateur radio sport, coordinator RRC for North America – Yuri Sushkin N3QQ, established "RRC a nonprofit Corporation" in the United States, which provides an opportunity to officially attract funds from organizations and individual sponsors from different countries to finance radio expeditions to the rare islands of Alaska and help other expeditions. 
Those wishing to assist can do so now:

On behalf of RRC-HQ, I want to thank everyone who provides sponsorship to the club and financial support to expeditions taking place under the RRC flag. 
Thanks, friends!

Interest in club steadily grows, and ranks of RRC continue to be joined by new members - in 2019: EP2LMA, VK8NSB, RW8A, RQ0A, UA9CVQ, R9LAJ, F5PAL, NL0H, R4ZZ, G0WRE, VE7NY, KO8SCA, R2AXE, RC1BQ, SV1MO. Welcome to the Russian Robinson Club!

By the New Year’s holiday RRC-HQ gives all radio amateurs a calendar for 2020 (TNX RA1ZZ!) - https://i.imgur.com/dZU43vK.jpg  

Download, print, place in your radio shacks – let it remind you that:

2020 - Year of new expeditions!
2020 - Year of new RRC projects!
2020 - Year of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica!

Happy New Year and Christmas! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of RRC

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